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  • All services have a mandatory consultation fee.

  • Rates are established based upon mutual agreement and are non-negotiable. Once contract is in place, a 50% deposit is required before starting the job.

Proper Social Distancing

  • Please wear mask and maintain six feet while our staff completes services.


  •  Upon completion of services, customers must follow instructions for necessary upkeep in between services. If upkeep is not maintained by said customer, services that were provided will not be refunded and additional charges may be put in place for services needed prior to set scheduling.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Guyco Pool Services LLC is committed to customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our pool maintenance and cleaning services, let us know right away, and we’ll redo the service for free. No job is complete until it meets your complete satisfaction.

Methods of Payment

Cash, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal, Zelle, Apple Pay



According to the CDC, it has been validated that:

  • Proper operation and maintenance of sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine should remove or inactivate Covid-19.

  • There is no evidence that swimming or soaking in pools and hot tubs will spread the virus.

  • There is no evidence of any danger from Covid-19 as long as the pool or hot tub is properly sanitized.

  • The virus lingers on surfaces that are touched outside the chlorinated water, such as the pool ladder and can survive up to four hours on copper and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

  • If there are any symptoms of Covid-19, DO NOT swim or soak in the pool. Due to the fact that it is a respiratory disease, swimming can put undue pressure and stress on lungs.


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